Friends of the Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park

Meeting 04 April 2019

7 pm @ Albyns Depot South End Road South Hornchurch

1.  Apologies/Attendance

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS) - Ray Randall (RR) - Brian Breeze (BB) – Sheila Clarke (SC) - Liz Hawthorn (LH)  - Dave Bender (DB) -  Richard Cottam (LBH Parks)
Apologies for absence:   Jackie Whitelock (JW) - Stephanie Nunn (SN)


2.  Minutes of the previous meeting & matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.
Arising: Provision of bench to children's play area agreed in principle – budget cost for supply & installation £400.00max – seek and find and consider at next meeting.    
3.  Chairman’s/Vice Chairman's Report:  

Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Trust: GoFundMe fundraising initiative to raise £10K for refurbishment of Suttons House to Heritage Centre.  (Information only)
Havering Mind Half Marathon Sunday 06 October: Ciaran White will be at the May meeting to explain the format for this event where it goes through the park, and possible help needed.  
Land of the Fanns: Proposed Community Mapping Project '100 Stories' identifying, recording and sharing community heritage across the landscape.  Meeting on 16 April to produce routes for Hornchurch Country Park and surrounding areas.
Cycling Programme: .JS Meeting with Jonathan (EWT) and cycle confident at which the following programme was agreed.
Dates: Sundays 23 June – 21 July -18 August – 22 September.
Start times 10.30am and 12 noon (brief bike check prior to start) – Ride time approx. one hour (with break) – Distance approx. 3 miles (South to Ingrebourne hill and back to visitors centre) – Talks on four topics (one per day) two talks each day at 11.30am and 1pm at the VC (topics wildlife, birds & RAF Hornchurch) – Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult – Ride leaders via JS and Cycle Confident. - Max 24 per ride safety helmets compulsory for under 12s and recommended for all others. - Publicity via EWT, LBH, Schools Network and Cycle Confident.
Also two maintenance training days will be arranged during August at Albyns Farm Depot.


4.  Secretary’s Report:

Parks Status application 2019/20 timescale – Richard Cottam awaiting budget details. AGM Reminder – June 06 - time to start preparing reports etc. BB Reconfirmed that he will be standing down as Secretary so a new one will be required.  Brian Evans a local historian was suggested as possible speaker – tea and biscuits to be provided.
5.  Funding Applications/Projects:

Capitol Project for 2018/19 – Nature Trail project RR/LH tabled some draft proposals for layout and sizing etc., which were agreed in principle – text agreed as 11pt size.  RR confirmed that no assistance was required at this stage and he and LH would sort it.

6.  Finance Report:

Current balance £4418.27 of which £2367.16 is reserved under grants (599.74 TFL Cycling Project – 1767.42 Capital Projects) Balance of unrestricted funds is 1051.11
Verbal report for Funday given by SC which appeared to show an end profit of 77.42 plus unused dog show Rosettes etc. in stock for next time.


7.  Havering Parks Officer’s Report:

Green Flag Designation: Funding bid application made to Veola for the necessary works for upgrading.
Ranger Holidays: Mick off for 3 weeks and limited cover will be available, request for help with clearing litter.  
Spitfire Scramble: 14 July (arrivals from 12th)
Fitness Groups: Reported that these are using the park unofficially, although the legal position and bye-laws are hazy. (BB has noted a small group on Saturday mornings about 9am).

8.    Working Party Report:

Leaky Dam project – 24 March 11 volunteers continued construction works and now 50% complete – raised side by 4”,
Next Working Party: 10 April – Planned clearance of river by black bridge.
Gloves still need sorting: LH offered to assist.     
9.    Events Report:

Dog Show & Fun Day 2019:   Barks & Bouncies being planned for September.     
TFL Grant - Cycle events:  Refer to report under Chairman.

10.   Website & Communication:

Website: Present domain unsupported for photos access etc., - RR Investigating alternative domains and will circulate options.

11.  Any Other Business/pending:

      Battleship Gun Brickwork Repair: - leave until spring.
      Improved sign to Wild flower Meadow/Monument: (Richard Cottam)
    Dog control: DB stated that the VC preschool group have had some scary moments      with free running dogs and asked if there was any bye-law or legal requirement.  Answer was no – down to common sense on both sides.

12.  Next Meeting:   The next meeting will be held on Thursday 02 May 2019 -     7.00pm at Albyns Farm Depot.