Friends of the Ingrebourne Valley and Hornchurch Country Park

Meeting 02 May 2019

7 pm @ Albyns Depot South End Road South Hornchurch


1.  Apologies/Attendance:

Present: Jeff Stafford (JS): Ray Randall (RR) - Brian Breeze (BB) – Sheila Clarke (SC) - Liz Hawthorn (LH) – Dave Bender (DB) - Stephanie Nunn (SN)
Dave Shand – Daniel Crook – Ceiran White (Havering Mind)
Apologies for absence:   Jackie Whitelock (JW) - Richard Cottam (LBH Parks)
Havering Mind: Existed for 55 years with varied funding and working towards self-reliance – two and a half years planning for proposed half marathon with many meetings with LBH to sort route etc.   Date Sunday 06 October with Abbs Cross sports centre the start and finish points.  1320 entries to date (max 1500) 9.30am start and approx. 12ish finish.   Advertising, Parking and catering ongoing planning – suggested that a representative attend the July meeting to see how we can assist/benefit as the run goes through the park sections. (Route plan appended)

2.  Minutes of the previous meeting & matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3.  Chairman’s/Vice Chairman's Report:  

Dr Bike:  Operated last two Sundays and well supported.
Land of the Fanns: Community Mapping Project '100 Stories' identifying, recording and sharing community heritage across the landscape.  7 Mile walk/talk on 02 June starting 10.00am from Visitor Centre.
? Artefact: Interesting lump of concrete recently unearthed with possible + and – signage – plans afoot to expose more to try and identify with support of Park Ranger.

4.   Secretary’s Report:   

Parks Status application 2019/20 timescale – Richard Cottam awaiting budget details. AGM Reminder – June 06 – RR to issue required 28 days notice.  BB standing down as Secretary, remainder of committee stated their willingness to remain in post.  

5. Funding Applications/Projects:

Capitol Project for 2018/19 – Nature Trail project RR/LH progressing as agreed to date.

6.  Finance Report:

Current balance £4418.27 of which £2367.16 is reserved under grants (599.74 TFL Cycling Project – 1767.42 Capital Projects) Balance of unrestricted funds is 1051.11
Account for Funday showed an end profit of 77.42 plus unused dog show Rosettes etc. in stock for next time.
RR Reported that EWT had been issued with and invoiced for a further 100 History Trail leaflets, but not yet paid.    BB presented bill to cover secretarial expenses up to AGM. 28.98.

7.  Havering Parks Officer’s Report:

Not available:

8.    Working Party Report:

Leaky Dam project – 28 April 9 volunteers continued construction works and also cleared chicane of mud.
Working Party: 10 April – 6 volunteers cleared rubbish and weeds from the river by the black bridge.
Next Working Party: 10 April: Continue with leaky dam construction.    
Bench to children's play area – budget cost for supply & installation £400.00max – RR emailed a couple of options for discussion and purchased for £85 from Homebase after consultation.   Metal bedding down straps and dedication plaque to be added.

9.    Events Report:

Dog Show & Fun Day 2019:   Barks & Bounces being planned for September, which may be changed to avoid conflict with planned similar events in the park – LH to check with Parks.    EWT no having a show this year due to extreme cost of parking restrictions.     

10.   Website & Communication:  

Website:  Present domain unsupported for photos access etc., - RR Investigated alternative domains and circulated options for comment. New domain now sorted, name to be advised.

11.  Any Other Business/pending:

Battleship Gun Brickwork Repair: - Peter to look at on next work party.
Improved sign to Wild flower Meadow/Monument: (Richard Cottam)
Scrape:  Dave McGough reported this to be well silted up and in need of some clearance to lower the bed level by about 300mm.  Refer to Parks. (JS)
Gazebos (with weights):  SC Requested loan on behalf of Citizens Advice for an event in Romford Market on               o4 September.  Transportation may be main problem.

12.  Next Meeting:   The next meeting will be held on Thursday 04 July 2019 - 7.00pm at Albyns Farm Depot.