Meeting 01 August 2019


3 pm @ Albyns Depot, South End Road, South Hornchurch, RM13 7YH


1.   Attendance/Apologies


Present: Jeff Stafford (JS), Sheila Clarke (SC), Raymond Randall (RR), Brian Breeze (BB), Liz Hawthorn (LH), Dave Bender (DB), Richard Cottam (RC, LBH Parks)


Apologies for absence: Jackie Whitelock (JW), Stephanie Nunn (SN),

Taylor Smyth-Richards (TSR, LBH Parks)


2.   Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising


The minutes of the previous meeting (04 July 2019) were agreed.


3.   Chair’s/Vice Chair’s Report


Email received from Becky Gibson (Thames Chase): Offer of help from Thames Chase volunteers on Thursday 13 August. It is too late to remove Himalayan Balsam and we have no other suitable work at this time. JS to advise Becky.


Young Offenders Cycle Training: JS thanked RC for his permission to use Albyns Farm Depot and classroom for cycle training for Young Offenders as part of reparation. They will be under the supervision of the Young Offenders team and JS.


MIND running event:  JS to make contact regarding what help they would like from Group.


4.   Secretary’s Report


Awaiting appointment of new secretary. LH taking/producing minutes until resolved.


Need to encourage new volunteers, committee members and secretary: JS will speak to Jonathon Tahir regarding having a presence at the EWT visitors centre.


Insurance Invoice: BB to send to RC.


5.   Funding Applications/Projects


Capital Project for 2018/2019: RR/LH continue to progress the writing/production of booklet, The Nature of Ingrebourne Valley.


Community Green Space Grants: Email received from Community Green Space Grants, part of the Mayor’s £12m Greener City Fund. Grants between £5,000 and £50,000 are available to communities to create and improve green spaces. The grants can cover a wide range of activities including improving parks, creating wildlife habitats and restoring waterways. There must be community involvement and benefit. Projects must take place between January – December 2020. Applications are now open with a deadline for submission of 30 September 2019.

RC and BB to investigate if we can apply for a grant to install a Wind Powered aeration pump at Albyns Farm Lake. RC to obtain costings.


6.   Finance Report


Current balance £4,087.67 of which £2367.16 is reserved under grants (£599.74 TFL Cycling Project, £1767.42 Capital Projects).


Balance of unrestricted funds is £720.51


TFL Cycling Project grant: £599.74 grant to be transferred to unrestricted funds.


7.   Havering Parks Officer’s Report


De-silting of scrape: Full plans would need to be submitted to English Nature and Environment Agency (EA). It is felt that EA may object due to SSSI status. To be investigated further as a long term project.


Green Flag Award: Blue bins have been ordered with 2 to be kept in stock in case replacements are necessary. Path, compliant under the Equalities Act 2010, to the viewing area to be progressed. Parks to source paint for benches, as close as possible to RAF blue.  There may not be enough funding for the installation of a wind-powered pump at Albyns Park Lake however a grant may be available (see 5 above).


London in Bloom: Results expected September 2019.


Children’s Funfair: Did not go ahead in HCP 29 July 2019 to 7 August 2019.


8.   Working Party Report


24 July 2019: 7 volunteers oiled Roundel and tree stump sign. pruned trees and shrubs from pathways close to the car park and play area. The shrub in front of the sign in Squadrons Approach was also cut back.


Bench to children’s play area: Awaiting installation.


Next Working Party: Will be clearing Epen. Date to be confirmed.


9.   Events Reports & Planning


Barks and Bounces: TSR has confirmed that a Dog Show is already taking place in park on 15 September.

Agreed our event should take place on Sunday 13 October 2019. TSR has confirmed this date is available.  LH to liaise with bouncy castle suppliers, Essex Wildlife Trust and TSR.


SC has requested items for tombola stall.


10.   Website and Communications Report


RR to activate new website 01 August 2019 evening.


Receipt for host of new website to be submitted to SC.


11.   Other Business


First Aid Kits: All equipment has been updated.


12.   Date of Next Meeting


Thursday 05 September: 7pm Albyns Depot.